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We take the time to understand your skin care goals and work with you to customize a skin care program to meet your needs. Our commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that you will receive only the best in professional care. We take the time to learn about each person that we care for and look forward to helping you "Look as Young as You Feel!"

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Fraxel Laser smoothes fine lines and wrinkles on the face, including around the eyes. It reduces sun damage, improves texture and tone of the skin, and fades brown spots, sun spots and pigmentation on the face, neck, chest, back, forearms and hands, in addition it is miracle for acne scars. Fraxel Laser treatment results in fresh, healthy skin and a renewed sense of confidence. All skin types benefit from treatment.

Fraxel Laser treatment is a new approach to treating aging and damaged skin. It offers patients the positive results of ablative skin resurfacing without the side effects of the old resurfacing lasers. Fraxel Laser gives a more dramatic result than non-ablative techniques. It only treats fractions of the skin at a time and rebuilds damaged skin like digital modification - pixel by pixel, spot by spot. (Fraction + pixel = Fraxel)

Fraxel Laser treatment produces tiny, microscopic sites of thermal impact separated by areas of unaffected, healthy tissue. Each treated spot, called a Micro Thermal Zone, stimulates the body's own natural production of new collagen in the dermis and eliminates old epidermal pigmented cells on the skin's surface. The spared healthy tissue contains viable cells that promote rapid healing of the outer skin layers. Since only 20% of the skin is treated by the Fraxel laser on each visit, there is speedy healing and minimal downtime.

This cutting edge technology is giving us the power to turn back the hands of time. Fix and can define who you are with Fraxel Laser Technology.

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