28 Feb 2010

I think I’m in love!!! I have never been this happy about a diet in my life!!! Let me start off by saying I have lost 10lbs!!! Yes you heard me, 10 lbs weight-lossin 12 days. This isn’t the only thing for me to be thrilled about. I feel amazing! I actually feel like I have uncovered the secret to happy, healthy weight loss!
Each day seems to get better and better. I am never hungry, I have no cravings and that is even when surrounded by temptation.
I have a ton of energy and I am sleeping better than I ever have.
I’m not really here to be the science behind the diet, just a testimonial to it.
In the past outside events were always my downfall on any given diet. I would go with all good intentions but after a drink (or 2) I would easily slip. Slips could sometimes last days, weeks or even months. I know you can understand as we have all been there.
With Ideal Protein I don’t even feel the need. I was at a dinner party last night at a restaurant. I ordered my meal very carefully following my limitations. No problem, but because we were such a large party in a very busy restaurant the waitress messed up and forgot my meal. On one side of me someone was eating fried calamari and sweet potato fries, on the other side lamb chops and coconut shrimp. It was late and well past the dinner hour and  nothing in me wanted to break. I can’t believe it myself. This was truly a first  for me.
I’m sure it’s partly my success thus far, but to not even want it??? That to me was unimaginable!!!
I feel like I can finally see the end of the tunnel of yo-yo weight loss and weight gain. I now know I will not only get to my goal but I have the ability to be the weight I want and its within reach!! More than all this I know I have a tool that will follow me through vacations, events and possibly even another pregnancy. (I don’t mean during pregnancy of course, after!)
Everyone on the diet currently is experiencing the same success’ and the same emotions as I am. Where has this been all my life, and why don’t more people know about it???

Well listen up my friends, if you have been struggling or life-time dieting I have your answer to never dieting again.
If your curious visit www.idealprotein.com for some info. I personally don’t even feel the website does this program justice, but at least it’s a start. Imagine 3 more weeks and I will be at my goal weight!!! Its unbelievable. I am so ecstatic. I never thought there would be a day when I could stick to a diet and actually get through it. Today’s the day and I see the light.
I will write again next week as to my weekly weight loss. If you want further info just call the clinic to book some time with our nutritionist Eyal Fishman. 905-771-0913

For those of you on Ideal Protein already, here is a dinner recipe I came up with, that is so yummy it’s hard to imagine it’s part of your restrictions.  I made it for my family and they thought I was off the diet!

Baked Salmon

4 7oz Salmon Fillets

1/2 cup of low sodium soya sauce

1 heaping tbsp of fresh chopped garlic

pepper (to taste)

refined sea salts

2 packets of splenda

juice from 1 lemon

4 lemon slices

Preheat oven to 400 bake

In a 9 by 12 glass cookware spray with pam and lay salmon fillets skin down.  Sprinkle the fish with your sea salts and pepper.  In a small bowl mix garlic, soya, lemon juice, splenda, pepper.  Stir well and spoon over the fish.  There will be lots of garlic on top.  You can use the entire mixture.  Take remaining lemon slices and place on each piece of fish.  Place in oven uncovered for 25 minutes.  (approx 10 min per inch thickness).

This is so yummy you could serve to guests and they would never even realize that you were on a diet.  Let me know how it goes.  I will post more recipes next week.

Well thats all for now, its time for my snack :-)

Until next time, take care of you,


Shawn Solomon


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11 Responses to “Day 12 of Ideal Protein!!!”

Hi Shawn,
I was reading your post and was curious to see how things went with the Ideal Protein Diet since you last commented in February. I am thinking about bringing the diet into my hormone clinic. It would be great to have a blog with recipes and ideas!
Debbie Williams RN

Hi Debbie, sorry for taking so long to respond. I have lacked terribly with my blogging lately. The Ideal Protein diet has changed my life. I have lost 65 pounds and am currently wearing a size 25 jeans. I feel like a new person. This diet suits my lifestyle to a tee and I have had no problem with the maintenance. In my personal opinion this diet is a gift. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. shawn@thornhillskinclinic.com Best of luck! Shawn (the newer skinnier version)

I lost 40 pounds on ideal protein! I love it! I can’t imagine my life without it. Gone are the pit stops at Mc Donald’s or Harveys! I carry my protein bars everywhere! It’s a way of life. In a pinch, I give a bar to my kids instead pf stopping for fast food! Amazing.

I want to express my excitement to begin the IP diet. I am waiting for my packets to arrive. I have a girlfriend that lost 11 pounds in 1 month and so far in total she lost 18 pounds. She is in a size 4! Her mom and aunt are now on it…. her success inspired me to ask questions and read about it….. I have not read 1 single negative thing but only that people have had amazing results! I only hope it does the same for me!

Best of luck. I just had twins and 4 months in I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight thanks to my IP. Just like anything it requires commitment, but the end point is so worthy! Keep me posted.

I’ve been doing this for about a month now and have lost 15 pounds. I was a true carb addict and thought I’d miss them but I haven’t really. My family says I eat better than they do. Easiest “diet” you’ll ever try and I’ve learned to eat a whole new way so I’ll be able to maintain it after. Not cheap though.

Can someone tell me what the program entails. What is the cost of the program? Is there a consultation fee? Can i just purchased the protien supplements? I really want to get started on the program.

I have lost 40 pounds and counting on the IP diet! I love the food choices, and I too was a carb addict… not any more. my favorite thing is the strawberry pudding blended with a shot of sugar free caramel syrup from starbucks and ice…yummy!!! any other idea’s are welcomed!

I was on the program last year at a clinic in Waterloo and I have lost 60 pounds. But now I just moved from Waterloo to Toronto and I was wondering if I can buy some products (protein bars) from you.

Ive been on IP for exactly 7days now and ive lost 5lbs and 6 3/4inches!!! i cant wait to see where i am next wk!!!! and the food tastes wonderful!!!!!

working on nearly 4 weeks with ip and i am down nearly 30 pounds.

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