1 Jun 2009


A couple months ago I decided to introduce Color Science, a new makeup line to Thornhill Skin Clinic specifically for our clients to cover any redness or bruising during the down time after  in clinic treatments. Color Science is a mineral color skin care line free of dyes, talcs, fillers, mineral oil and perfumes.

I’m happy to say, since introducing this line to our clients we have received nothing but amazing feedback! I’m telling you the next time you’re in (if you haven’t already) ask us about it or try it! I promise you will love love love it!!!

As you know I’m the number one advocate for maintaining and having beautiful, youthful skin. With the sun finally out and shining brightly, I must emphasize the importance of wearing SPF to protect your skin from sun damage, skin cancer and pre-mature signs of aging as a result of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Which is why I wanted to share with you my newest discovery and my go-to sun protection choice for the summer; Sunforgetable SPF 30.

Sunforgetable SPF 30 is a light weight micronized mineral powder sunscreen and the most recent addition to the Color Science line at TSC. It comes in a compact retractable brush, available in 3 shades (all clear, perfectly clear and almost clear) in matte or shimmer, and offers broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays.

I’ve put it to the test for the past 2 weeks now and have absolutely fallen in love with it!

It’s quick and easy to apply, odor-less, water-resistant, does not rub off on to my clothes and most importantly adds a colorless layer of PROTECTIVE minerals to my face!

What more can a girl ask for?

I’m sold on this great new option for constant protection from those harsh rays.  I’m also thankful for the extra help.  Cheers to another summer and another option to enjoy the beautiful weather, well protected and looking beautiful!!!

Sunforgetable, is definitely a product to remember!!!!!


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