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Colorescience Micronized Mineral Makeup

Colorescience Micronized Mineral Makeup

Mineral Cosmetics were conceived by Diane Ranger in 1976. Since that time the phenomenon of mineral cosmetics as a product concept has grown into a multibillion dollar industry. However, the commercial use of the term has become broadened by the influence of multinational color cosmetics companies, incorporating products that merely contain a mineral rather than products that are pharmaceutical grade mineral compositions and expressly exclude talcs, dyes, fragrances or preservatives as originally defined. With respect to use in complimenting medical procedures it is important to hold strictly to this original definition of mineral cosmetics. In this context, the mineral makeup concept is evolving into mineral cosmetic skin care, uniquely positioned to address patient demands without interfering in, and in some cases enhancing, the ultimate procedure outcome.


(Patient underwent a Fraxel re:pair™ treatment. Her before photo shows application of a chemical cream sunscreen SPF 30. Note the very ashy appearance on her Fitzpatrick type IV skin. The next photo shows her after application of the Colorescience Corrector Kit. The application of Colorescience mineral products provided a natural appearance and minimized erythema.)


The Role of Mineral Cosmetic Treatment is Three Fold

COLOR AND CAMOUFLAGE Due to their authentic mineral consistency, these products can be used over wide areas of the skin, and natural mineral colors are effective pigmenting agents to eliminate the appearance of irritation in skin. This provides the physician with the ability to correct the skin tone and texture irregularities before the patient walks out of the office. The result is a much more satisfied patient who feels completely at ease in public settings, and can already visualize the end result of the procedure.

COVER AND SOOTH In broad or very targeted application, these products act as a cover, or second barrier against the elements. Doing so adds a second critical function to the post procedure healing process by providing soothing mineral compounds that actually coat and cover the wounded area, providing an environment that may be more conducive to healing, and is highly preferable to chemical rich cosmetics the patient would be more likely to use in the absence of physician instruction, and a physician provided/approved alternative.

Market demand for More Immediate Results

Aesthetic medical practitioners have expanded the market for non-invasive aesthetic procedures by offering more options that are minimally invasive and therefore have less down-time. At the same time, these physicians are balancing the patient’s desire to eliminate down-time with their expectation for results. These two powerful market forces, demand for results and demand for minimal down-time, are expressed in the booming growth of non-invasive facial cosmetic procedures, currently lead by cosmetic botulinum toxin injections, soft tissue fillers, and laser skin procedures. In each of these categories, managing patient expectations is a critical role for the physician, just as much or more than achieving the desired outcome at the end of the therapeutic treatment.

Patinet Verses Physician Definition of “Down-Time”

The definition of what constitutes down-time varies widely from patient to patient and any consensus, to the extent one can be found, is transitory in nature, being influenced by both real and perceived claims of immediate results as portrayed in the media, and by the speculative aspects of new products and procedures. In the past, the definition of down-time may have included restriction of activities, and physical function, or perhaps even prescribed periods of bed rest to allow for healing and restoration of normal tissue and muscle function. Today however many patients define down-time to include cosmetic side effects expressed as temporary visual discoloration and skin texture irregularities. This more stringent definition can lead to delays in getting procedures the patient would otherwise undergo, or worse, to dissatisfaction with a technically highly successful procedure. The most common issues that are expressed includes the following:

ERYTHEMA Even the most non-invasive procedures including most forms of laser treatments and topical Retin-A therapies will express some visible level of erythema at and near the treatment site.

BRUISING The process of multiple injections common to toxin and tissue filler injections will often result in some level of bruising that can last several days on the surface of the patient’s skin.

PIH Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation can also be expressed with any procedure that involves applying energy or heat to the skin (as with lasers).

MOTTLED HYPERPIGMENTATION Hyper pigmentation and to a lesser extent, hypo pigmentation can also be expressed with laser resurfacing, and deeper skin peels, when underlying skin tissue is exposed to the elements and UV rays. In most cases these issues are temporary and will self resolve. However, a solution is needed that satisfies patient expectations for seamlessly undetected procedures that preclude down-time, without inhibiting the objective of the physician mediated procedure to achieve the ultimately desired outcome.

PROTECT Several of the minerals used in mineral cosmetics are natural full spectrum UV blockers. As such, these products are ideal physical blocks to provide critical protection for fragile a damaged skin during the healing process. Because mineral sunscreens are provided in a dry powder form, they also offer advantages not present in any commercially available sunscreen or sun block.

  • Mineral sunscreens go on dry and do not leave a greasy or tacky residue that can irritate skin.
  • There is an absence of carriers, emollients and fragrances used in traditional sunscreens that have a tendency to sting and burn when used on fragile skin.
  • Mineral sunscreens are immediately effective to their SPF rating, and do not require a 15 to 20 minute waiting time as traditional sunscreens do.
  • Certain mineral sunscreens, such as those tested by Colorescience, express a high resistance to breaking down under water, humidity and sweat secretions in the skin. In other words, they are very water resistant according to current FDA standards, and offer a high level of stability.
  • As a translucent powder, mineral sunscreens can be easily and quickly reapplied throughout the day, either under or over makeup, creating a higher level of patient compliance to physician recommended protocols.

These advantages translate to greater patient acceptance and compliance in applying a daily SPF protection, which reduces the risk of post procedure hyper pigmentation and other UV related skin damage issues.


CONCLUSION The use of high quality aesthetic mineral cosmetics in a post procedure protocol addresses a critical unmet need in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Colorescience is a leader in the field, providing pharmaceutical grade mineral products, which are designed, packaged, and presented specifically for the medical aesthetic market. Physicians who provide these products as part of their aesthetic offering give their patients a safe cosmetic solution to their desire for an immediately acceptable aesthetic outcome, as well as superior protection against future sun damage and element-induced premature aging. The result is an enhanced patient outcome, and higher overall patient satisfaction.

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