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Women's Health - June 16th 2014

Beauty Tips

7 Ways to Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Wear Sunscreen
Exposure to UVA and UVB rays creates free radical damage, which slows down cell production. "Slow cell production forces your skin to work harder," says Shawn Solomon, a paramedical esthetician and owner of Thornhill Skin Care. "In turn, the stratum corneum thickens, and this can make the pores look large and ruddy."

York Region Living - January 7th 2013

Beauty Tips


DaytimeYR live - December 12th 2012

Beauty Tips


New Beauty Events

Beauty Tips

Bigger and better than ever before, the March International Anti-Aging Show in Toronto featured face-to-face consultations with leading beauty and health experts, as well as complimentary copies of NEWBEAUTY. From insider advice on ways to look and feel younger to information on ways to improve overall health, the even was a hit, inspiring all who attended.




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Watch Shawn Solomon's on DaytimeTV

Beauty Tips

Check out Daytime Toronto (February 2011) segment featuring Shawn Solomon from Thornhill Skin Clinic.

Dr. Oz on Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Beauty Tips

Check out Dr. Oz's February 2011 segment on Fraxel Laser Resurfacing - Available at Thornhill Skin Clinic!

Botox travels to Mississauga

Beauty Tips

Founder Shawn Solomon says the travelling beauty service serves the growing number of men and women who are opting for botox and injectable fillers to slow the visible effects of aging, but who don't have the time or resources to seek out reputable treatment centres.


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88.5 Jewel Radio - January 19th 2011

Beauty Tips

Shawn Solomon's Interview on 88.5 Jewel Radio - January 19th 2011

DailySqueeze - Nov 2010

Beauty Tips

About Face

Like most women in their mid to late 30s, my aging face isn’t looking so pretty with each new birthday.

And if there’s a so-called ‘magic formula,’ I’ve probably tried it – from the most famous la crème of all crèmes to skin-boosting supplements. Can you blame me? When you enjoy reading the latest in health as much as I do, there’s no escaping this stuff.


Tired of looking tired, not to mention seeing the damage I’ve caused over the years (winter running, beach vacations, ski trips – you name it), I’ve decided to put some treatments to the test.


Under the expert care of Shawn Solomon at the Thornhill Skin Clinic, my face is undergoing a reconstruction of sorts. After an in-depth consultation and evaluation to review my goals (give me prettier skin!), she has designed a personalized program including microdermabrasion, IPL and Fraxel.


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