21 Oct 2008

At least 3-5 times a day I see people who suffer with some form of acne or another. It may be pimples or blackheads. Hormonal cysts or little red bumps. The one things they all have in common is picking. It seems to be a functional issue with those who suffer.  I try and understand [...]

19 Oct 2008

Today was the Anti-aging show.  Thankfully we were once again asked to contribute by Medicis Canada, the distributor of Restylane Suite of products.  Our role (Dr. O’Grady and I) was to provide a live demonstration to attendees of the show.  I was miked up and trying to draw a crowd, while Dr. O’Grady was injecting [...]

10 Oct 2008

I am definitely on the mend.  The worst has past.  It has been at least 48 hours since I have had the need for a pain killer, which is great considering I was getting a bit concerned how I would deal when I ran out!!!! Yesterday was day 9, and I got my stitches out, [...]

7 Oct 2008

Today is a new day.  I am definitely feeling a bit better (the swelling non-withstanding).  Getting out of bed this morning was a bit of an ordeal, but once I was up it was all good.  I’m still hoping each morning when I look in the mirror I will see my miraculous results, but as [...]

6 Oct 2008

I wanted to start writing from the day of my Smartlipo procedure, but as usual life got in the way.  ‘I’ finally had Smartlipo!!!!  I mean how else am I going to be able to give you the birds-eye view of this new innovative technology.  Its times like these that I am reminded how Iucky [...]