27 Feb 2017

PRP and The Vampire Facial sound scary and barbaric but not only is this the furthest thing from the truth, you may just find this anti-aging miracle something you just can not live without! Just ask Kim Kardashian…I mean after all beauty is her number one commodity.

30 Aug 2013

Its a wonder with all the supposed innovations available that you may be confused about whats what?  We all want a quick beauty fix, whether it be tighter, smoother, clearer skin. Aging in today’s world can be difficult as the world seems to be extending its graces to the young, not so much the young at [...]

1 Nov 2012

It seems the more I learn the less I realize I know.  Beauty is the ever evolving interest in my life. Once upon a time we thought that the sun made us beautiful, today we know that exposure is the absolute worst thing we can do to our skin from an anti-aging stand point.  Sunscreen [...]

19 Sep 2012

It has been an incredibly long time since I have shared a post, business or personal.  To say that I have been overwhelmed with life in general would be a slight but accurate statement.  I cannot remember where I left off on the personal front but here is the last year and a half in [...]

25 Jan 2011

Botox and Restylane Events in a neighborhood near you. Doctor injected. Unbelievable prices, service and safety guaranteed!

25 Nov 2010

After almost 16 years in business and thousands of dollars wasted on the trials and ‘errors’ of different marketing and advertising plans I believe I have finally found my hole in one.  I mean really, why do we advertise?  To bring in new business of course.  If I had a dime for every call I [...]

19 Nov 2010

What an amazing event!!  To say the least it was the highest attended event we have ever seen.  It was a  wonderful way to introduce our new Cosmetic Doctor.  Poor guy, I don’t think he had any idea what he was getting in to.  We booked him without much room for a break.  But what [...]

21 Oct 2010

A very funny joke about life, death and beauty!

14 Sep 2010
1 Jun 2010

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