25 Jan 2011

Botox and Restylane Events in a neighborhood near you. Doctor injected. Unbelievable prices, service and safety guaranteed!

28 Feb 2010

I think I’m in love!!! I have never been this happy about a diet in my life!!! Let me start off by saying I have lost 10lbs!!! Yes you heard me, 10 lbs in 12 days. This isn’t the only thing for me to be thrilled about. I feel amazing! I actually feel like I [...]

21 Feb 2010

Hi Everyone, I am pleased to announce that I am still alive and kicking. I am surprised to say that this really isn’t to bad.  I have done many diets in my life, but never one with so many restrictions and I thought that I would be suffering.  I must be honest, I love food!  [...]

25 Apr 2009

I was perusing the online world when I came across a testimonial from a customer who recently had the acne scar removal treatment done here at Thornhill Skin Clinic. Nothing makes me happier than a satisfied customer and knowing they feel great about themselves!