25 Nov 2010

After almost 16 years in business and thousands of dollars wasted on the trials and ‘errors’ of different marketing and advertising plans I believefabfind I have finally found my hole in one.  I mean really, why do we advertise?  To bring in new business of course.  If I had a dime for every call I take from someone trying to sell me the sure-fire way to draw new business into my clinic, I think Id be able to shop more.  I used to take each call and listen with bated breath…and then slowly I became cynical, testy and even argumentative at times.  Take my recent 2 year trials with SEO.  4 different companies, 2 law suits….thousands upon thousands of dollars and yet I am still no more clear on the outcome.  I can’t touch it, I can’t talk to it…but it cost me a fortune.  Sometimes I think these marketers play on the fact that we won’t know it doesn’t work until it doesn’t.  Great plan….not so much.  Fab find is a whole different species of marketing initiatives that seem to be taking over my in-box.  But instead of deleting them I actually look forward to seeing what will be the big deal of the day!!  A lot of the times they really are of no interest..but when they are good they are fabulous.  Great deals at wonderful restaurants, yoga classes, massage and spa services…and if your following today; great deals on Botox ;-) .  So why is this method the stuff?  Because we actually get to talk to the clients. They buy, we meet them, we service them.  If we are as good as we say (and we are) then they become part of our growing culture.  Never before have I ever had the opportunity to measure the success of any one marketing initiative this effectively.  I guess I’m sort of passing on a trade secret here, but I feel obligated.  Too many people make the same mistakes I have over and over again.  We are forced to trust what we are told for no other reason than we need an answer.  So a holler out to entrepreneurs everywhere…try a fab find.  It really is FABULOUS!!!!


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