29 Apr 2009

In association with Dr. Philip Solomon we are now providing fractionated CO2 (Ultra Pulse).  It is an amazing technology that has improved upon the traditional CO2 making it far more safe and effective.

It treats all kinds of indications including, fine lines and deep wrinkles, moderate to severe sun damage, loose and lax skin and over all rejuvenation of skin tone and texture.  Even though we currently provide Fraxel Laser resurfacing in the clinic and it does also treat many of the same indications, the main difference is the CO2 is a 1-2 treatment modality while Fraxel is typically a 6 or more treatment laser with a course of treatment in and around 6 months to see favorable result.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Fraxel.  It is a remarkable technology that delivers all that it promises, but there are some of us who are looking for more and looking for it quicker.

I can totally understand this.  I myself can be somewhat impulsive when it comes to my vanity (not that I recommend being this way).  Today we provided 2 separate treatments using the different advantages of the Ultra Pulse.  This laser has 2 distinct treatment abilities.  The first is called the Active FX.  This treatment is predominantly used for superficial benefits such as pigmentation, enlarged pores, over all skin rejuvenation and fine lines and tissue tightening.  The second is called the Deep FX and this is used for deep lines and wrinkles, scars, collagen remodeling and more tissue tightening.  The first case was being treated for superficial resurfacing.  She presented with notable sun damage, enlarged pores and thicker looking skin.  This patient was numbed for approximately 1 hour with a 23% Lidocaine and a 7% Tetricaine to help her through her treatment. The numbing solution is removed and eye protection is provided.   The course of treatment decided is the Active FX.  The actual procedure is virtually pain free and quick.  Start to finish 20 minutes.  The second case was a more mature women with evident sun damage and discoloration as well as moderate to deep rhytids coupled with some skin laxity.  Her treatment course was Deep FX plus Active FX.  These 2 procedures are done one on top of the other. The same topical application is applied as well as some specifically place nerve blocks for the patients comfort.  Both treatments went without issue.  It was so amazing really.  You can actually see the tissue tightening upon impact.

I am looking forward to the follow ups this coming week and I will definitely keep you posted.

It never ceases to amaze me that every time the latest and greatest is unveiled it just eludes to the fact that something will be following quickly right behind it.  Are we any closer to infamous fountain of youth?  I sure hope so, but in the meantime thank g-d for all the elements we have to treat our lines and signs.

What’s next?  I have no idea, but I can assure you I will stay in the know and keep you posted!!!


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2 Responses to “Luminess CO2 Ultra Pulse”

I’m interested in your treatment and am thinking this is the same laser I saw on a news segment that treats scaring and sun damage…but I’m not sure. Who is this laser made by? (Is it Candella, etc.) Thanks for the info,

Hi Kathleen, thank you for your response. This laser is made by Luminess. Luniness is a pioneer in CO2 lasers and has once again come up with a product that provides remarkable results. If you require further information, please do no hesitate to contact me.


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