19 Nov 2010

What an amazing event!!  To say the least it was the highest attended event we have ever seen.  It was a  wonderful way to introduce our new Cosmetic Doctor.  Poor guy, I don’t think he had any idea what he was getting in to.  We booked him without much room for a break.  But what can you do??  The customer must come first.  The doctor did a spectacular job, and clearly was the right decision for the clinic.  We had fabulous snacks and amazing gift bags for everyone.    There is very few things I like more than helping people feel as good about themselves as they can.  With this event we were able to do that and help make the financial side easier too.  Many of you have already asked, “when will we be doing this again?”  It’s hard to say at the moment, but I will definitely keep you posted.  In the mean time we have some fabulous promotions being launched tomorrow for the month of December.  Beauty is a great gift to give, so hopefully our promotions will make it an easy gift to give as well.

Thanks again for the amazing response to our Injectable Anti-aging Beauty Event.  Stay tuned for more dates to come in the future.

Your partner in beauty,

Shawn Solomon


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