7 Oct 2008

Today is a new day.  I am definitely feeling a bit better (the swelling non-withstanding).  Getting out of bed this morning was a bit of an ordeal, but once I was up it was all good.  I’m still hoping each morning when I look in the mirror I will see my miraculous results, but as of yet, not so much.  I can see small changes.  My waist line looks really small.  In comparison my love handles are still looking a bit large.  I know its all swelling, because I can feel the soreness when I touch the area even gently.  My mobility has definitely increased.  I managed through my day at work without very much issue and I only took one pain killer first thing this morning and I was good the entire day.  This is day 6, so all and all I think I’m doing pretty well.  I spoke to Kevin today (Dr.O’Grady) to express my ‘concerns’ about the swelling, and he just sighed and told me to be patient.  I guess even me, armed with all the information I still want the instantaneous results. I’ve decided that I won’t worry anymore, it will come and it will all be worth it.

Well that’s pretty much it for today’s update, hope it was interesting.  I will be back soon with more on as ‘Shawn heals’, lol.

Till next time :-)


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