19 Oct 2008

Today was the Anti-aging show.  Thankfully we were once again asked to contribute by Medicis Canada, the distributor of Restylane Suite of products.  Our role (Dr. O’Grady and I) was to provide a live demonstration to attendees of the show.  I was miked up and trying to draw a crowd, while Dr. O’Grady was injecting our lucky patients.  We had close to 2 hours up on the platform and it was tough to keep the commentary fresh.  Uggg, I’m not sure I was made for public speaking.  I so want to be effective.  Of course my team players told me I was fabulous, I mean what can they really say, they are on payroll!  I would just like to be sure that I am not making a fool of myself, lol.

We chose our patients for this event very carefully!  One was a lovely lady, single, 49 years of age.  Eileen (the patients name)  Is very fit (translations skinny) and had lost a lot of her natural volume from her face.  This in turn started to give her a much older looking face then she would like.  Dr. O’Grady did what is called a Full Volume Lift on Eileen, enhancing her cheekbone, filling the hollows in her cheeks, replacing volume in the tear troughs and filling the fine lines around her lips as well as adding a small amount of volume to her lips.  Well the reaction was remarkable!  The crowd was amazed and of course Eileen couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked in the mirror.  I want to say ‘all in a days works,’ but honestly standing on a platform under hot lights, miked up wasn’t entirely ideal for such a strategic procedure, but alas all’s well that ends well. PHEW!!!!  We also did some high volume filler to a gentleman named Stephan.  He had very deep nasal labial folds (the lines that run from the bottom of your noes to the top of your mouth.  This lack of volume has bother Stephan for some time, and voila, all gone.  He was thrilled.  More handsome than ever and more men were able to see first hand that they too are candidates for this minimally invasive procedure.  Alot of men are so misinformed and afraid of how this procedure can effect them.  Hopefully today, for the few men in attendance we have dispelled that image.  I would say all and all it was another successful event and I for one was thrilled to be apart of it.

The next show will be in March, and we hope to be asked back.  I promise to keep you posted about dates and times.

A quick update on my Smartlipo recovery.  Today is almost 3 weeks and I am doing  much better thankfully.  Apparently I swelled more and for longer than the average bear.  It was about 3 days ago when I noticed a great change.  I am still wearing a compression garment due to the excessive swelling (spanx), but I am feeling so much better in my clothes.  Its not weight loss per say but everything just fits so much better, especially my jeans.  The chubs on the sides is no longer falling over and my tummy is nice and flat.  It is still apperant that some swelling remains, but now I feel better about being patient, I mean the prize is definitely in view.  From what I see, it can only get better from here.  Woohoo.  There is still some moderated discomfort.  Soreness to the touch, kind of like a bruise and when I get up from being sedentary for long periods of time I feel a tightening, or stiffness to the area.  Tomorrow morning I hit the gym!!!  I’m technically not allowed to work out hard for 6 weeks, but light cardio is okay, I figure I will get a jump on it.

We have finally added a RSS feed so you can subscribe to the blog in order to get updates when a new addition has been made.  Slowly but surely we are figuring this blogging world out.  Next, PICTURES!!!  I am trying to figure it out, I have enlisted some help, so it shouldn’t be long now.

That’s all for now, Blog ya later,



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