27 Aug 2008

I am always so amazed at the speed in which technology flows into the industry. Staying informed and up to date can sometimes feel like a full time job! Each company via sales rep so adamantly believes in their product, that I am feeling kind of brain washed into believing the hype. I can imagine that the consumers must be feeling a lot of the same dizziness.

I recently had a sales rep. point out the results of a treatment with absolute certainty. I stood there studying the patient; (Not just pictures); the actual patient….and I saw nothing!!! Now I may be over-tired and over-worked, but hello??? The patient was also unsure and we both stood their wondering if it were time for a trip to the ophthalmologist.

In light of the cost and emotional involved in a new purchase (which for me always feels like a mortgage to a house I don’t live in!) I’ve decided that if I’m going to leap I want to have an opportunity to test the waters first. From here on in, we will only buy technology that we have the opportunity to evaluate without prejudice. After I came to this brilliant conclusion I wondered if anyone would think us worthy of such a risk? I will have to assume the companies with a product that truly can produce what the white papers say will have no problem.

Right now we are evaluating the Luminous fractionated CO2, called Encore. Wow, pretty serious stuff. Historically CO2 has been pretty scary with many potential side effects that in most cases deemed it not worth the risk. But like always technology evolves and something ‘apparently’ safer with the added advantage of being able to specifically design the treatments depth, indication and aggressiveness.

This can help achieve the positive results associated with CO2 of yester-years while minimizing the down time and risks on a case to case basis. Now the big question you all are looking for the answer too??? Is it true? Well to be honest our evaluation period only began last Thursday. We treated a couple of different patients with different indications. Just today (5 days out) they came in to show me what they looked like. One patient was still slightly red, and she was happy, but to be honest I think she looked the same as before. (We treated her with Deep FX, a specific hand piece designed for deeper collagen remodeling and wrinkle and scar removal). Knowing that collagen remodeling can take up to 6 months the jury is still out. Having said that, she definitely didn’t look like a huge disaster like I expected considering the treatment. The other patient….can you say WOW!!!! It was insane. She is 41 years old (aging very well) she presented with moderate to severe photo aging (pigmentation).

We treated her with Active FX (another hand piece on the Encore), which is intended for this indication. The patient found the treatment virtually painless and in such a short period of time she already looks like a million bucks. It has reduced her pigment by a minimum of 85% and she is ecstatic. Even though we have many different modalities at the clinic that can effectively remove pigment, I have never seen anything that could achieve that much that fast! The patient looks spectacular and I am now ready to try it on me!!!

We will of course continue evaluating, as 2 patients do not make for the big picture but so far so good. Check back I will post some before and afters’ as we produce them.

On another note, both Dr. O’Grady and I have been asked to sit on the board of experts for a new industry magazine called Revive. Its first edition is expected for Sept 15th. The magazine is FREE and will be distributed throughout the GTA as well it will available in its entirety online. (Website info to be added). Dr.O wrote an in depth article on’ Smartlipo’ and another on ‘5 easy ways to look younger without Surgery’ and I wrote an article on’ How to pick the right treatment for you!’ The magazine is chocked full of experts in every specialty of the beauty arena. Keep your eyes peeled for it! I will blog the articles as soon as the publication is on stands. That’s all for today, but I promise to be up dating more regularly. Till next time. Cheers, Shawn Solomon www.thornhillskinclinic.com


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