1 Nov 2012

It seems the more I learn the less I realize I know.  Beauty is the ever evolving interest in my life. Once upon a time we thought that the sun made us beautiful, today we know that exposure is the absolute worst thing we can do to our skin from an anti-aging stand point.  Sunscreen is a must, but then there’s the conversation of chemicals and para-bans…yada yada yada.  How do we know what is right?  Or the better question may be; What is right for you?

We know that sun exposure deposits free radical to the skin, slowing down the cells reproduction by 50% at least!  Can you imagine that sun exposure, technically means speeding up the aging process by 50%. Who would want to do that knowingly?  Not me!  So with the pro’s and con’s taken into consideration, limiting your sun exposure for beauty and health reasons seems like the reasonable thing to do for all of us and if we must be exposed then we should opt to wear our sunscreen.  With so many options for sun protection available there must be one that would suit your needs.  I love the Colorscience all clear mineral powder. It means no grease and easy reapplication. I like simplicity so this is one that works well for me.

I guess the message here is knowing what your doing and why.  If you choose the sun and you understand the ramifications then own your choice. If you didn’t totally know the extent of the damage you were doing then maybe it’s time to investigate.  From where I sit my livelihood is generally made from sun worshipers, so to suggest a different path may not be the best for my personal cause, but my acumen is teach when I can and fix when I can’t.

If this has opened the door for more of the fixes than the preventions you can always send your queries my way and I am always happy to help. Knowledge is power and prevention is key so find what works for you and appreciate the beauty god gave you, while you have it!


Shawn Solomon


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