19 Sep 2012

It has been an incredibly long time since I have shared a post, business or personal.  To say that I have been overwhelmed with life in general would be a slight but accurate statement.  I cannot remember where I left off on the personal front but here is the last year and a half in a nut shell!  June 15th 2011 we moved homes (hellish) and July 15th of the same year we welcomes our newest additions to our family (twins!) Cole and Chloe Solomon!  Yes you heard me correctly TWINS! For those of you playing catch up 2+2 makes 4!  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would ever be a mother of 4, but here I am.  So a recap, new home, new babies and of course Thornhill Skin Clinic is still growing and moving with the times.  The twins arrived healthy but early so it was 5 weeks of back and forth to the NICU at Sunnybrook.  What an amazing facility.  We were so lucky to have our little ones cared for there. (kind of like a 5 star hotel for babies!).  Then the even larger shock of bringing them home.  I don’t know if anyone is ever prepared for 2 babies at once, but it was definitely some kind of adjustment.  Luckily we had lots of help and this last 14 months has been a joy.  Our 3 year old daughter Noa started pre-school in September and is growing up much faster than we would like. Our soon to be 18 year old daughter Tori, has left the nest to attend University (sniff sniff).  Now that was a transition that no one warned me about.  So hard to see her pack her things and move out but I am so excited for the next steps she is taking into finding her way in the world.  We are so proud and honored that she is our daughter.

Throughout all of this I have been working and managing my first baby, TSC.  Things here have been incredible.  The innovations in Anti-aging, beauty and skin care never seem to stop coming!  From PRP to Ulthera, Pain Free Laser Hair Removal and new Chemical peels that defy what we have been able to achieve previously.  I know I am in the right business as my vanity eats up the options without reserve!  I myself submitted to the PRP skin rejuvenation a few weeks ago and I cannot believe the results so far!  We are not providing the treatment in clinic just yet, but I will soon to be announcing an event where you can learn all about this remarkable service and how it can help your aging process!  Believe me it is not to be missed!

The world of Botox and volume fillers is also continually evolving with new techniques that can improve the out come with little to no downtime.  I myself don’t know what I would do without Botox.  It means that I get to look how I feel and to me this is a gift!  People are constantly asking me how I look so well rested with 4 kids…honestly without Botox I think I would be a disaster, lol.  It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.  Not to say that it overtakes the need to take good care of your skin, because that is where it all begins, so a good combination of skin care and Botox can help all of us defy the effects of aging and life in general.

We have a few new additions to the TSC team as well!  Welcome Mila and Michelle to the team.  Mila is our new customer Service Liason and Michelle is our new Senior Para-medical Aesthetican.  Please come by and meet our new team members.  They are looking forward to being of service to you in whatever ways you may need.

I guess that is the gist with many details missed, but I don’t want to bore you.  I am commited to keeping you all more updated with the new treatments and anti-aging options available and I will of course share the tidbits of my growing family.  For those of you I haven’t been personally in touch with as much I am back!  So it’s business as usual and we are better than ever!

Till next time, xoxo

Shawn Solomon


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